Hi and welcome. My name is Rob Lambert and Parent Brain is an exploration of how to be a “Creative soul in a corporate role”. I’m geared to create for the sake of it: art, photography, videos, posters, letters, paintings, woodwork etc, but the corporate world doesn’t always lend itself to supporting my creativity.

Plus, with a growing family, mortgages and all of the other things that come with life as a parent, there’s a tension to manage.

The Parent Brain newsletter is an exploration of holding on to your creative dreams, hobbies and pursuits.

I’m aiming for weekly but life can sometimes get in the way. I aim to share ideas on how I manage the tension between parenting, work and creativity. I aim to share what I actually create. I aim to share behind the scenes of the creative process.

Most of the content shared here will relate to my main business Cultivated Management, but some of it will be just stuff I’ve created or what’s on my mind.

This newsletter itself is a creative pursuit, so it will change, adapt, sometimes fail but I hope it inspires anyone else who feels like a creative soul trapped in a corporate role.

I don’t do much social media but you can find me on Instagram

Other Stuff

I read lots of books – and only recommend ones I think are worth reading more than once.

I have a book and a communication super power course that may be helpful for you.

5% of proceeds from the book and the communication course are donated to charities.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Rob Lambert

Cultivating great workplaces, helping people develop their super power of effective communication and trying to keep my creative soul in a corporate role.